Brian Tracy – The Master of Procrastination

April 26, 2017

Brian Tracy had many triumphs in his life, and many failures.  He was a drop out from his high school for instance.  Yet what he learned from people was much more valuable than the curriculum of any school.

Tracy got his first decent job as a salesman at a young age, except he soon came to realized that he was terrible at it.  Rather than giving up, he decided to take a completely different approach.  He asked the successful salesman, why they were successful.  A stupidly simple idea, but a genius one as well.  Within a few short years he was the sales manager and he attributed all of it to him asking successful people why they were successful.  He brought this idea into every profession and aspect of his life.

This same principle of asking successful people helped him write his book, Eat That Frog.  This book is one of the most definitive guides to helping you stop procrastinating.  So just like before, he realized he was a procrastinator and sought out help from very productive people, people who were getting things done.  Not to long after talking to many productive people he had complied enough notes to write an extremely easy to digest book to help the masses end procrastination.  Tracy’s Talent was not with being extremely knowledgeable, but rather being able to find out the knowledge, pick it apart, and display it in his writings so that anyone who wished to read it could learn the knowledge as if they had been asking the successful people.  A true talent indeed.

So now, Eat That Frog, is one of the go-to book on procrastination.  Brian Tracy had taken his weakness, his procrastination, and turned it into his strength.  And you can do the same.  His book is extremely digestible and truly changed my life.  Read my Eat That Frog review or check it out on  I know you will benefit from this book, and I hope you decided to see how it can change you life.

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