Why You Should Eat Your Frog Today

April 28, 2017

So if you have read any of the articles on this site, you know that Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy will help you get more done in a shorter amount of time and stop your procrastination, but why should you care? You get enough done. You enjoy some free time. Though, clearly because you are here, you are interested in improving your life. Here are some reasons why you should get this book and start eating that frog.

1. More leisure time.

Getting your work done faster means you have more room for leisure activities. Whether you enjoy reading a good book, browsing the web, going for a walk, or just vegging out in front of the TV, you will have more time to do so. Choosing what to do with your leisure time will be your only hard activity.

2. Get more done

When you work more efficiently, you get the same amount of work done, in less time. So if it takes you 4 hours to get done what you previously did in 8, now you have 4 more hours of work. In this example you get 16 hours worth of work done in only 8 hours. Talk about being efficient.

3. You will end your procrastination

If procrastination plagues you, like it did me, then you know all too well how much trouble it can bring. You give up long term satisfaction for the short term and suffer the consequences. This book, however, teaches you step-by-step methods to cure your procrastination, and start taking control of your life. No longer will you check your email, Facebook, and Twitter before doing a task. Your mind will be goal oriented and your will begin to derive pleasure just from completing tasks.

4. Your life will be less hectic

Do you sometimes feel like you have too much to do and too little time to do it? Eat That Frog teaches you just how to manage all of your activities so you waste less time in between and can easily accomplish everything you need to. Imagine never having stress when you are given another task.

So there are some reasons why you should at least check this book out, for more info and reviews on the book check out the Amazon page by clicking the image at the top of the sidebar.

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